You are the Most Beautiful Flower

by Stella Lane

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Better quality.
Better energy.
The same old self-loathing and homosexuality.


released February 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Stella Lane Little Rock, Arkansas

Just some kid who has the nerve to assume people want to hear her music.

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Track Name: Ambiguity
I've had many chances to be great
My set up is first class
my performance second rate.

I could never be the prodigal son or even daughter
my parents are to blame
they led me to the slaughter

They hated ambiguity so why'd they name me Ambiguity
who am i? who the fuck are you?
who am i? what the fuck did i do?

The only thing we agree on
is that we deserve more than this
a second chance a second kiss

but i know that we are all scum
and murders and deceivers
lawyers and thievers
Do they deserve a second chance?

The answer is no, no, no x2
Get your hands off me!
Not even tenderly
I'm not worthy
hit me if you must but please don't kiss me x2

because the only thing i notice is what's wrong with me
but I'm better than i think
and I'm worse than you see
does anyone know a thing about me?

the answer is no, no, no x2
keep your hands off me!
I'm good with the touchy
not with the feely
they call that sociopathy xgood lord

(ok ok I'm not a sociopath but, i still... you shouldn't be here right now.
you've got so many other places you could be than here but here you are with me, and a normal human being could just say thank you, but its easier for me to just preemptively say
I'm so sorry)
Track Name: Chop me Down and Carve me up
All I've ever wanted to be was a sycamore tree
All I've ever wanted to see was what that tree will see

Trees don't have eyes
for any of their lives
Can I see what you see, sycamore? x2

All I taste is bitterness
bitterness in my mouth
all these conflicting flavors I couldn't live without

All you taste is sugar and sunshine
no drugs or liquor no need to unwind
can i taste what you taste, sycamore? x2

All I've ever wanted from life was a crazy lover's knife
carved into my body
the lies of forever and ever

tell me can you feel that, sycamore?
Do you feel the pain do you want more?
when they drive those knives into your skin
does it settle deep within you?
do i feel you, sycamore?
do i feel what you feel, sycamore?

Complexity in simple things is what i need
all i know i know is i don't know a lot of things.
I can't think farther than my father or my son
200 years
400 fears
100,000 tears
trees only have the years.
they've won

can i live how you live, sycamore?