Diamond and I are more than friends.

by Stella Lane

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I promise, I don't mean it anymore. This is just my delayed reaction. I'm so sorry if I hurt you.
I Loved You, Diamond.


You think you're special
Well you're as special as diamonds.
They keep millions of you locked up so your value won't plummet.
*Oh diamond, diamond
Do you remember? Do you remember? x2
Just another biproduct of
the capitalist dream
you ruined true love
at least you did for me
*Oh diamond, diamond
do you remember, do you remember?
Oh diamond, diamond
Do you remember that day in November when
You heard me say
there was another way
but you gave up on you and I
I swore that you would never see me cry
I cried just a little bit, anyway
I died just a little bit that day
* x2
You're sharp and you are cold
far more wise than you are old
you looked so far in the future, your
present blew past
*Oh diamond, diamond
do you remember? Do you remember?
Oh diamond, diamond
Do you remember, that day in December?
You said let's give it a shot
you knew to me it meant a lot
That shot burnt out hot
and then we were not
and I'm fucking tired of saying pretty please
with a cherry on top x2
*Oh diamond, diamond
I'll always remember
I hope you forget
Oh diamond, diamond
I'll always remember
I'll always forgive you

Forgive you.

Forgive you.

Forgive me?


released September 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Stella Lane Little Rock, Arkansas

Just some kid who has the nerve to assume people want to hear her music.

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